Safety and Handling

Electric motors have energized circuits, rotating components and hot surfaces, and in the period of their operation they can cause harm to people. Therefore, all activities related to its transportation, storage, installation, 7.5 hp 213T motor operation and maintenance should only be carried out by trained personnel. During installation and maintenance, the electric motors must be disconnected from the mains and extra care must be taken to avoid accidental starting.

Do not use hoisting eyebolts to suspend the motor in conjunction with other equipment, such as bases, pulleys, fans, pumps, reducers, etc., and eye bolts when damaged, cracked, deformed, should not be used. Professionals who work with electrical installations must use the correct tools and be trained to apply safety standards and regulations, including the need to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout the work. The devices intended for the locking of the shaft used for protection must be used in any and all transport of the motor, even if this requires the uncoupling of the driven machine. Lifting eyes in components such as covers, forced ventilation kit, and others, should only be used for lifting in an isolated manner and never with the complete engine.

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