Continuous service features

The power set by continuous loads is by definition the rated power of the motor to be chosen and that power is described on the plate attached to the motor housing 3hp 182tc motors. An important factor to consider in the choice of the motor is the service factor, since it is a multiplier that, when applied to the rated power of the electric motor, will indicate the load that can be driven consecutively under rated voltage and frequency and with an elevation limit of temperature of the winding.

Loads such as pumps and fans have the power theoretically calculated by expressions, whereas for most loads we have to perform experimental tests to determine the power involved in their duty cycle. For loads that operate uninterruptedly or vary little, the input power of the motor is approximately stable and no consideration of overheating should be considered since the motors are designed to operate at nominal conditions and therefore the temperature constraints have been considered. Different are the cases where the load has, for example, an intermittent work regime. Manufacturers’ catalogs can be used directly in the engine selection.

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